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Chiara Dynys (b. 1958, Mantua) is a multifaceted artist whose conceptual art takes the form of painting, sculpture, and performance in order to express current social and anthropological themes. Her sculptural pieces often challenge the viewers’ perception of themselves. Through her art she aims to capture and mesmerize her viewers, asking them to look deep into the works, and deep into themselves. At first impression, viewers are enticed by the bold colors and textures of her pieces, and with closer inspection and time, they are confronted with the symbolism of the artworks.

Chiara Dynys’ work is not defined by any one medium or style, but rather by her expert engagement with and manipulation of light. She often frames her photographs of light—the Aurora Borealis, lit up cityscapes, intensely snowy landscapes—with translucent plastic and neon light, bringing her vivid experiences into the gallery space.

The success of Dynys’ art comes from her dedication to her own curiosity about the world. In the winter of 2016 Chiara Dynys spent time in isolation Swedish Lapland, where she witnessed the Northern Lights and midnight sun. The colors of these natural phenomena led Dynys to conceive her collection, Look Afar. Each piece evokes the beauty and magic of the Swedish Lapland landscape. The contrast of contemporary and artificial shapes, fabrics and lines, with the colors and imagery of nature is a theme that is apparent in many of Dynys’ works.

Chiara Dynys’ art has been featured in solo as well as group exhibitions in many important museums and cultural spaces throughout Italy and Europe. She currently lives and works in Milan.

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