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Valli Art Gallery

Valli Art located in Miami specializes in promoting contemporary Italian Masters in the United States. The Gallery programs are focused on chronological references of the 20th-century Italian art movements and the work of their artists such as Mimmo Rotella, Giosetta Fioroni, Alberto Biasi, Michelangelo Pistoletto, and in the construction of a great cultural foundation to increase a more complex and lasting promotion strategy of Italian art. For the Art Gallery, Italian artists of the twentieth century have a historical relevance and an artistic and intellectual quality of international greatness, which enables a deeper understanding of the history phenomena of global art.

In addition, Valli Art Gallery in close collaboration with other Institutions, public and private museums and international curators, constantly creates useful programs for the promotion of Italian art and culture of the Second World War through initiatives and itinerant exhibitions in major Cities of the United States and, thanks to constant communication with cultural institutions, universities and American schools ,Valli Art Gallery is also dedicated to the artistic vocational training of the new generations.

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