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Valli Art Gallery was founded by Franco Valli, an Italian immigrant with a goal to promote an intellectual and historical understanding of Italian art in America. With decades of experience in the arts in Italy and, with a carefully curated roster, Franco is making his mark in the contemporary art world. Franco works closely with the gallery’s artists, which allows him to truly understand and communicate the meaning of the art.

Valli Art Gallery was established in 2015 in Miami’s Wynwood arts district. After excellent reception in Miami, Valli Art Gallery has expanded to New York City; in 2018 Valli Art Gallery opened within the new and highly anticipated Highline Nine Galleries development in Chelsea. Valli Art Gallery’s second location plants our unique collection of Italian art within the heart of the New York City Gallery scene.

Valli Art Gallery showcases works by Italy’s most significant postwar and contemporary masters, including Alberto Biasi, Mimmo Rotella, Paolo Scirpa, Agostino Bonalumi, Chiara Dynys, Cesare Berlingeri, and Giosetta Fioroni. At Valli Art Gallery, contemporary Italian masters are seen as crucial artistic and intellectual figures within the larger, global history of art.

True to the core principles that Franco Valli laid out when he started the gallery, Valli Art Gallery is dedicated to building a more complex and lasting understanding of Italian art and culture in the United States. Valli Art Gallery works closely with universities, Italian cultural institutions, and top curators to promote the larger mission of the gallery. We are honored to work with scholars like Robert C. Morgan and Marco Meneguzzo to produce exhibitions that contribute to the gallery’s goals. We plan to continue our efforts for many years to come in both Miami and New York.

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