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Valli Art Gallery Miami

Sneak peek: Cesare Berlingeri

Valli Art is thrilled to present a sneak peek of an exclusive interview with the amazing Italian artist Cesare Berlingeri, realized for his exhibition at Valli Art. Berlingeri is an artist who works on volumetrical interventions with monochrome canvas and…

Valli Art Gallery

Chiara Dynys Biennale Moscow

This event strongly binds to the concept of transcendental forest: to deceive and to be deceived in the contemporaneity of being somewhere else, something very strong and beautiful but also very dangerous. Forest as a metaphor indicates the unknown, in…

Valli Art Gallery Miami

Cesare Berlingeri in Miami

With a double exhibition and a lecture at the University of Miami, Cesare Berlingeri opens a great season of figurative art in one of the more comfortable and attractive American cities for the Italian culture. On April 19th the Italian…

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