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Blindness by Javier Martin

Valli Art Gallery is pleased to present BLINDNESS, a solo exhibition by Javier Martin at our New York location in the High Line Nine from March 7th-30th. Born in 1985 in Spain, Martin is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is based in the exploration of the semiotics of the world around us. This presentation will incorporate new works from Martin’s Blindness collection, in which he uses light to simultaneously obscure and illuminate the eyes of his subjects and his viewers.

In his artistic practice, Javier Martin has equally experimented in painting, collage, sculpture, performance art and video art. For more than a decade, Martin has applied all of these techniques to the concepts behind the Blindness collection, offering a multifaceted commentary on contemporary life. In his new artworks, Martin creates interactive situations with mirrors and light installations in which his viewers can become part of the art. In addition to these immersive pieces, Martin will be presenting neon collages in which he revisits the concepts behind his earliest works in the Blindness collection. This reflective action—looking to the past and uniting it with the present—shows a new level of maturity and contemplation in Martin’s art.

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